Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To Oregon and Back

RescueNet is a disaster relief training program - With the purpose of teaching you how to meet a crisis with the love of God through; First aid/CPR, Search & Rescue, Fire Suppression, Disaster Counseling, Disaster Child Care, and Refugee Reception. They then take what you have learned and place you in multiple scenarios to see how you will respond with the tools you have been taught. To finish off we had a written test and a final scenario that took us 3.5 hours to finish - finding and removing 12 people from a 3 storey building following an earthquake.

As with finances for healthcare the world over, a large amount is used to benefit a small amount of the population - often in a disaster 10% of the people affected actually receive assistance while 90% are left to fend for themselves. Even more horrifying is that peadophiles were the first people to enter Indonesia following the Tsunami in 2004 and that Aid workers have been known to sexually abuse women and children

RescueNet is currently building up teams to be able to show Gods love in possibly the worst day of a persons life. The founder of RescueNet completed the IPHC here in Guatemala (with our current director as his leader). Rescue Net not only has this training, but also already responds to disasters all over the world including Pakistan (earthquake), Iraq (War) Honduras (Hurricane) among others.

Here are some pictures of our last 3 weeks. The participants

Practice getting about in small spaces, entering under the deck we had to find a 'missing person' and radio in.

Learning about assessing a victim.

We are really glad we had the opportunity to complete this training and are looking for avenues to continue learning more about this area of work. I don't have any photos yet of the scenarios but I will put some up when they get sent.

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