Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our next project

So we have been thinking about doing some training with RescueNet (another ministry of YWAM) which is taking place in Oregon from May 3-18. Initially we had just applied so Jerald would be able to go but after being apart for the majority of 6 weeks during the healthcare school outreach we thought it might be something we could do together.

Jerald has been visiting the Red Cross in Coban (close to where we were for clinic on outreach) to complete a first aid course as part of the pre-requisites.

Anyway yesterday we found out we had been accepted - we also found out that Jeralds current visa is not specific enough to allow him to enter the US for this training. So the week prior to May 3rd we are planning to travel to Nicaragua to apply for the correct visa - this does not allow too much time to get an appointment at the embassy but we are not able to leave any earlier.

We are really looking foward to taking part in this training, so hopefully everything will fall into place.

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