Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The real Latino football experience

This is a small game between two regions in Guatemala - not even on a full size soccer field.

well first of all I had to make Jerald a hat since he doesn't like the sun and he had graciously given me his hat so I wouldn't get burnt.

Just the usual amount of security which apparantly is necessary if the away team wins or if the refs make a bad call which causes the away team to win or if the away team just outplays the home team.

Upset home supporters throwing rocks and threatening the referees

The home team capitan came out after about 30 minutes to placate his supporters - eventually most went away although some stayed to throw rocks at them when the refs eventually made a run for thier exit.


jeanie said...

AWESOME....(kinda :S)

Uncle Jakey said...

Come on teen's you shouldn't have been throwing rocks at the ref! ;-P

somos los cordon said...

ja, ja.
ya me imagino a jerald tirando bolsas con orines al arbitro