Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My most favourite part of my job

Is getting to find out what happened to patients who have passed through our previous clinics. I wrote during my last post that we had returned to Pacux (we had our first clinic there in 2005) - I put up some photos of one of the families we had seen previously (some twins that were a little delayed in their develpment) the day after the last post we returned to our clinic in Pacux and a little girl - Blanca (about 3 1/2 years old) came through. We had seen her three years ago when she was only a few months old and had recently travelled to the city to undergo surgery to correct a bilateral cleft lip.

However when the time of the surgery arrived they informed the mother surgery could not go ahead as she had a chest infection and this needed to be cleared up. I am unsure why the hospital did not prescribe or provide the antibiotics. Anyway when she passed through we were able to give her some antibiotics and it was so wonderful to be able to find out that she did eventually undergo surgery succesfully.

This clinic (3 years later) she returned with her mother with a foreign object up her nose, but other than that healthy and very well behaved.

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