Wednesday, October 3, 2007

So we arrived. After a brief stop in L.A and a quick trip to Santa Monica Beach where we met up with one of our friends and went out for dinner.
Last night I realised it has actually been less than a month since we arrived, feels like a lot longer. Here are some pictures to show where we are living.

This is the view down into the neighbours yard. There are a range of types of houses here in San Miguel Chicaj, this is made of dirt brick and has a dirt floor. Some houses are made of block with concrete floors and tin rooves. The house that we rent as the main house where we have classes and eat meals is red brick with tile floors internal bathrooms, at the moment we (Jerald and I)are the only people living at this house so we practically have our own house with a nice bedroom and an ensuite - the shower only works for about 1 hr each day when the town water supply is on, otherwise it is bucket baths - but since it is so hot this is quite refreshing. When teachers or visitors come they will stay in the extra bedroom here.

In our yard is an almond tree, you can eat them straight from the ground, they are a bit slimy inside but have the same taste.

It was all action the past week in San Miguel as they celebrated the patron Saint, there were parades of people and animals, fireworks at 4.30am, temporary bars set up in all the streets and a ferris wheel in the park. Now I am not so stupid to go on a dismantable ferris wheel in a third world country but my friend did - she actually had bruises from having to hold on so tight due to the speed that it was being run at.

Since we arrived Tina has been preparing for the school (students arrive tomorrow) and Jerald has been super busy fixing the electrcity and lights, bathrooms and other general handyman tasks in the 3 houses that we rent here. He will be returning tomorrow from his trip to Nicaragua, he now has a Nicaraguan license and was able to catch up with friends and family since he had been away for over a year.

Keep you posted, Jerald and Tina.


onscreen said...

Cool. I get to make the first comment on this blog.... If only I had something intelligent to say...

Melva said...

Nice photos and blog. It's a bit of a worry Jerald is doing electrical work??!!

Melva said...

Oh no, 'Onscreen' beat me by one minute!

melissa said...

Kia ora Tina and Jerald,

so glad that you are both safe and well and resettling into life at the base.

I am soooo with Melva on the electrical work. I love you guys but I am so glad jerald is not allowed to fix our electricity and that you aren't allowed to pull my teeth out or sew up wounds!!!

I hope your first few days with the students have been good. And that you are both enjoying being back home.

Arohanui to you both

Mo said...

You guys make me smile. :)

Katie said...

Hey guys,
Happy to read that you are both well. Hope that you are enjoying the school. Can't wait to come and visit you guys sometime. Keep us updated on the happenings!

BJ said...

Update, update, update!